Yuletide Slashers: Blood Runs Cold (2011)


Director: Sonny Laguna / Starring: Ralf Beck,Elin Hugoson and Hanna Oldenburg.


Winona (Oldenburg) works in the music business.After a difficult year she decides to head to a house on the outskirts of Stockholm for a much needed break.The holiday rental is not what she had expected and the house begins to unnerve her.She heads to a bar in town and meets her ex-boyfriend, Carl and his two friends.They all head back to the house and, being too drunk, accept the extended invitation to stay the night. Bad decision – A malevolent force is lurking, watching the four friends and awaiting attack.The mysterious killer is brutal and kills without reason.Whenever he is stabbed or shot, his body just expels dust and air.No reason is given other than a slightly supernatural element. For a seriously good snowbound Slasher I urge you to head in the direction of Roar Utangs’ Cold Prey (2006).

Laguna’s Blood Runs Cold cost just $5000 to shoot on a Canon 7D Digital SLR using the movie mode function.