WITCHBOARD (Original 1986 Motion Picture Soundtrack) 7″ EP from One Way Static Records.

One Way Static records will be carrying Lunaris Records’s first installment ‘Witchboard’ from 1986. The recently founded Lunaris Records have many excellent releases in the pipeline. Watch out for their ‘Street Trash’ soundtrack coming up next week!
The soundtrack from the 1986 movie Witchboard as a limited edition 7” vinyl record with “Witchboard Theme” (written and perfomed by Dennis Michael Tenney) and “Bump in the Night” (written by Dennis Michael Tenney, performed by Steel Breeze) on the A side and etched Witchboard artwork on the B side.
‘Witchboard’s’ score was composed by the director, Kevin Tenney’s, brother, Dennis Michael Tenney. Dennis Michael Tinney has made his career by composing the score to a slew of (most b-grade) films. Among them, ‘Night of the Demons’ (1988), ‘Captured Alive’ (1995) and ‘Leprechaun 3′ and ’4 ‘(1995/97). ‘Witchboard’ was his first foray into film composition, and it’s a good one. The theme sends blissful chills of nostalgia through children of the 70s and 80s. It starts with a simple 3-note, Carpenter-esque progression. It’s a note progression that instantly tells us, HORROR IS COMING. This is augmented by creepy synthesised tinkle bells. This is followed by some tinny, wavering drones that segue into a crunchy bass line that descends down the octaves. Every second note is pitch bent and dirty, which adds a sense of disorientation as the opening 3-note progression becomes a rudimentary melody. By the midway point, the score possesses a somewhat epic quality and rapid appregiator notes dance atop the the whole deal.
Full color foldover cover in a plastic sleeve with a small black plastic planchette and digital download card included. Black vinyl edition with etchings on side B.
We only have 50 copies! Gone = Gone !
Available from
www.onewaystatic.com (Europe)
www.lunarisrecords.com (North America)