William Peter Blatty’s THE NINTH CONFIGURATION Blu-ray coming from Second Sight Films.


Second Sight Films will release William Peter Blatty’s THE NINTH CONFIGURATION on Blu-ray, DVD, Download and On-Demand on April 25th.

Bonus Features:
‘The Writer/Producer/Director’ – Interview With William Peter Blatty
‘Confessions of Kane’ – Interview With Actor Stacy Keach.
‘The Debrief Of Sgt. Christian’ – Interview With Actor Stephen Powers
‘Designing The Configuration’ – Interviews With Production Designer William Malley and Art Director J. Dennis Washington
‘Killer On My Mind’ – Interview With Soundtrack Composer Barry De Vorzon
‘The Party Behind The Curtain’ – Interviews With Actors Tom Atkins, Jason Miller, Richard Lynch and William Peter Blatty
Audio Commentary by Writer / Director William Peter Blatty
Mark Kermode introduction featurette
Deleted Scenes and Outtakes
English SDH subtitles