Wanda Whips Wall Street (Distribpix Inc.) DVD released November 11th 2014.


Director: Larry Revene
Stars: Veronica Hart, Jamie Gillis, Ron Jeremy, Samantha Fox, Tish Ambrose, Ron Hudd

Larry Revene, one of the best adult film cinematographers of all time, took to the director’s chair for this wild and wonderful tale of sexual intrigue and economic espionage. Legendary superstar Veronica Hart gives one of her funniest and hottest performances as the scheming small town financial wizard who treks to New York to work her magic at one of the top investment firms in the city. Teaming with her girl Friday Janie (Tish Ambrose), Wanda sleeps her way through the company’s stock holders,using blackmail to absorb their shares.Corporate Investigator Lou Perrini (Jamie Gillis) and his assistant Ed (Ron Jeremy) set out to uncover the culprits behind this corporate crime spree. Featuring appearances by adult film legends Samantha Fox, George Payne, Sharon Mitchell, Ron Hudd, and cult favorite Sondra Hillman, this is sophisticated sex comedy at its finest. Scanned in 2k resolution from a theatrical print and presented in it’s original aspect ratio for the first time on DVD.

Bonus Features: Full Length Audio Commentary, Video Interview with Director and Lead Actress, Film Restoration Featurette, Slideshow