VHS Horror: BOARDING HOUSE 30th Anniversary Edition DVD.


A man with telekinetic power inherits a big house with a horrible past. He opens the house up as a boarding house and very quickly becomes inhabited by a group of gorgeous women. Soon the long sleeping evil supernatural power inhabiting the house starts killing off the tenants one by one.
 30th Anniversary DVD release of the 1st Shot On Video Horror film, BoardingHouse. The original version of the film has been remastered from the original BetaCam tape, & includes a rare Director’s Cut version of the film as well. Comes with a chapter index card & has a reversible cover. Limited Edition to 1,000 copies, being the first DVD release to feature an Xbox 360 Platinum Hits keep case. Special features include: Director’s Cut & Original Version Of the Film / Commentary with Director John Wintergate, Actress Kalassu, & Slasher // Video owner Jesus /  “Love Starved” Music Video /  “Stop Fooling Around” Music Video / 2008 Rare Interview w/ John & Kalassu · · BoardingHouse Photo Gallery · · Lightstorm Photo Gallery · · “The Phantom” Demo Reel · · Original Film Intro · · “Break It Off” Music Video · · Alternate Ending · · Q And A w/ John, Kalassu, and Jesus · ·Behind The Scenes / Making The Videos · · 33 1/3 , Teeth – Magazine Interviews · · Original Trailers, TV Spots, & Voice-overs · · O My Love · · Teeth Live In Europe 1981 · ·Slasher // Video Trailers, Hidden Features, & More!