Umbrella Entertainment release Stuart Gordon’s FROM BEYOND Extended Director’s Cut Blu-ray.


A macabre tale of terror based on the pulp horror-fiction of H.P Lovecraft and directed by genre legend Stuart GordonFrom Beyond follows the obsessed Dr.Pretorious (Ted SorelBasket Case 2) and Crawford Tillinghast (Jeffrey Combs, Re-Animator) who have developed The Resonator, an extraordinary invention which allows individuals to see beyond normal perceptible reality – into the darkness of the otherwise unknown.But the rare vision is also a two-way window to the soul, unleashing all manner of evil creatures and enabling individuals to indulge their most sinister desires and depraved fantasies. A cult classic of menacing design and blood-curdling execution, From Beyond is a perverse head-trip of horror.

Special Features: Audio Commentary: Director and cast – 86 min / Audio Commentary: Screenwriter- 86 min / Multiple Dimensions: 24 min / Paging Dr. McMichaels- 14 min / A Tortured Soul – 18 min / An Empire Production – 5 min / The Director’s Perspective – 5 min / The Editing Room: Lost And Found- 5 min / Interview With The Composer – 5 min / Photo Gallery – 4 min / Storyboard To Film Comparison – 9 min in total / Trailer- 1 min.