Umberto Lenzi’s CANNIBAL FEROX :One Way Static Records OST Vinyl release.


Original 1981 Motion Picture Soundtrack by ROBERTO DONATI.  cf3

Cassette Edition with alternate artworks. Limited to #300 copies worldwide. Included is the complete original 1981 soundtrack and four extra bonus tracks + extra bonus material like radio spots, mystery tracks and trailer audio exclusive to the tape version. This release comes with with extensive and exclusive liner notes from:ROBERTO DONATI (AKA Budy Maglione) ,GIOVANNI LOMBARDO RADICE (The House On The Edge Of The Park, City Of The Living Dead, The Church) ,DANILO MATTEI (Ironmaster, The Sicilian, Mark Of The Scorpion) ,ROBERT KERMAN (Eaten Alive, Cannibal Holocaust, Debby Does Dallas, Spiderman) ,STEPHEN ROMANO (Author, Screenwriter, Illustrator) & ZORA KEROVA (Anthropophagus, The New York Ripper, The New Barbarians).