The Thing With Two Heads (Lee Frost/1972) comes to US Blu-ray from Olive Films.


Starring:RAY MILLAND (The Man With X-Ray Eyes, Dial M For Murder, Love Story) ROSEY GRIER (Skyjacked, Timber Tramps, The Glove) DON MARSHALL (Land Of The Giants, Terminal Heads) ROGER PERRY (Count Yorga, Vampire)CHELSEA BROWN (Welcome To The Woop Woop)

Directed by:LEE FROST (The Black Gestapo, Private Obsession)

Screenplay by Lee Frost, Wes Bishop and James Gordon White.

Despite his deteriorating health, incredibly rich and deeply racist brain surgeon Maxwell Kirshner (Ray Milland, The Lost Weekend) plans to be around for a very long time. What better way to achieve his goal than to transplant his still cognitive noggin onto the body of a healthy human being? Having performed similar experimental surgeries on animals, Maxwell convinces his colleagues to perform the groundbreaking and unsanctioned medical procedure on him – the first successful head-graft.With his body in rapid decline, Maxwell’s head is transplanted onto the first available body. And that would be death row inmate Jack Moss (Rosey Grier).