THE PERFUME OF THE LADY IN BLACK / X-Rated Cult Germany Blu-ray coming 25th January 2016

PP1The perfume of the lady in black
X-rated-Euro Cult-Collection #16 (mediabook dvd+bluray)
Cover a limited and numbered to 888 pieces
Cover b numbered and limited to 444 pieces
Worldwide HD-premiere and for the first time in German language!
– Audio Commentary by Dr. Marcus Stiglegger on the importance of this film, his comparisons to Polanski and Suspiria, analysis about why this movie is a mixture of giallo and horror genres.
– 16 page booklet 
– German trailer
– English opening and closing credits
– Interview with Director Francesco Barilli on the origin of this film, the selection of the actors, the production and the original screenplay.
– English and German trailer
– Visual audio tracks ” Mimsy ” and ” il profumo “
– Italian Original Version with German and English subtitles.
– Video Introduction by Bodod Trotter and Gerd Naumann (line producer) about the importance of the German version and the voice actor used for this movie.
Language: German, Italian
Subtitles: German, English