The Grindhouse Cinema Database reviews THEME ’70:Tackling The Beast They Call Exploitation Cinema


Mark Banville’s THEME ’70 began as a unique British printed grindhouse film fanzine in the 90s and has now been re-released in a glorious 200+ page book filled from cover to cover with Hard Knuckle Video Reviews, pre cert VHS commentaries and imagery from the golden age of exploitation cinema. It is a truly wonderful celebration of the days when The Deuce (aka 42nd Street in NYC) was showing double and triple features of action packed Blaxploitation films, hard hitting Kung Fu classics, steamy Sexploitation romps and other down n’ dirty delights of the era. Along with the vibrant visual content that gives readers an up close look at the kinds of promotional advertising that made exploitation cinema so exciting, there are actor profiles and filmographies included. We can’t praise this publication enough. If you always wanted The Deuce in coffee table book form, well this is it! THEME 70 gets our highest recommendation for fans of authentic Grindhouse Cinema.

Reviewed by Pete R.


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