Ruggero Deodato’s Giallo: THE WASHING MACHINE (1993) Shameless Films DVD release.


Shameless proudly presents the definitive version of RUGGERO DEODATO’S WASHING aka VORTICE MORALE.
With his epoch-making CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, director Ruggero Deodato single-handedly invented the found-footage film genre (later imitated by Blair Witch et al). With THE WASHING MACHINE, Deodato reboots the Giallo genre stretching its boundaries into this utterly extreme, surreal, erotic thriller. Originally called MORTAL VORTEX, this long-lost Giallo is now revived in this Exclusive Shameless Limited Edition.

Starring:Philippe Caroit, Ilaria Borrelli, Katarzyna Figura, Gabriel Lavia.

A police detective investigates the murder of a man found dismembered in a washing machine and is drawn into a web of deceit and murder by the dead man’s lover, Vida, and her two sisters, Sissy and Ludmilla.

The Special Artwork: Presented in a yellow metal box with a transparent window at the front, the incredible packaging for The Washing Machine is simply unmissable!
The design of the box has been created by the great British Film Poster Artist, Graham Humphreys.