Rare Slasher SPLATTER UNIVERSITY hits UK Blu-ray 9th November 2015 from 88 Films.


One of the bloodiest and barmiest of all the eighties slice and dice shockers, this classic chiller headlines sexy scream queen Forbes Riley as a teacher trying to work out why her classes are featuring increasingly less students. A maniacal murder-mystery that is not afraid to spill bucketloads of sanguine, SPLATTER UNIVERSITY is a fast-paced frightener that turns up the suspense en route to a truly shocking conclusion. From the maniacal mind of director Richard Haines (CLASS OF NUKE ‘EM HIGH), this exercise in horror insanity graduates with full honours.Presented uncut and uncensored, from a new 2k scan supervised by the director, this is one lacerating lesson that you will never forget!

SPECIAL FEATURES: Brand New 2K Scan and Restoration from the 16mm Interpositive/Restored Soundtrack/Bonus Film! Richard W. Haines’ What Really Frightens You (2010)/Audio Commentary by Director Richard W. Haines/Splatter Scholar: Interview with Slasher Expert Justin Kerswell/Stills Gallery/Trailer/TV Spots/Trailer Reel/Reversible Sleeve/More TBC.