Rare Giallo release:NINE GUESTS FOR A CRIME (Nove ospiti per un delitto) – Uncut Camera Obscura Limited Edition DVD.


 Director: Ferdinando Baldi / Starring: Silvia Dionisio, Massimo Foschi, Dana Ghia, Arthur Kennedy, Caroline Laurence, Loretta Persichetti, John Richardson, Rita Silva, Venantino Venantina,

 “Nove Ospiti per un Delitto” is a giallo in the tradition of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”. Nine members of the same family go to an uninhabited island.One by one they meet varous sticky ends by the hands of a mysterious killer.

Special Features : Audio commentary with Christian Kessler and Marcus Stiglegger / Booklet (German/English) with essay from Kai Naumann and Interview with Production Designer Giovanni Licheri.