Norman J.Warren’s TERROR (1978) DVD released 24th February 2014.


Director: Norman J. Warren / Starring: John Nolan, Sarah Keller, Carolyn Courage, James Aubrey, Tricia Walsh.

A witch too terrible for Hell to hold seeks bloody revenge down the centuries in Norman J. Warren`s infamous 1978 British slasher classic! 300 years ago, Mad Dolly (L.E. Mack) was burned alive at the stake, screaming a terrible curse upon her persecutors and their descendants. Now she`s back and hunting. James Garrick (John Nolan) – her latest intended victim realises she`s coming when people start to die bloodily all about him. Knifed, slashed, crushed, beheaded, impaled. Suspicion falls on his mysterious cousin Ann (Carolyn Courage), a hostess at a seedy Soho sex club. Is she possessed by Mad Dolly or just a helpless pawn caught up in a storm of demonic terror? Famous for its many imaginative and gruesome scenes of brutal murder, Terror has often been compared to Dario Argento`s Suspiria and is an essential addition to every true horror fan`s film library. Look out for the big screen debut of Blake`s 7`s Glynis Barber as well as cameos by Peter `Chewbacca` Mayhew and cult favourite Cleo Rocos amidst all the gore and carnage!