NEW YEARS EVIL (Emmet Alston/1980) Shout Factory Blu-ray coming 24th February 2015 !!


Starring: Kip Niven, Roz Kelly, Chris Wallace, Louisa Moritz and Teri Copley.

With the new year approaching, punk icon Diane “Blaze” Sullivan is hosting a kickass bash in a Los Angeles hotel, which features live performances, a call in segment which allows people to suggest songs and vote for their favorite one of the year, and countdowns for various US time zones. At first, things go well, until Diane receives a disturbing phone call from a man who calls himself “Evil”. Evil tells Diane that he intends to kill each time it strikes midnight in a different time zone, and that he will eventually target someone close to her. While Diane is shaken by the call, everyone else dismisses it as a prank, until Evil makes due on his promise, and kills a nurse, playing a recording of the murder over the phone for Diane, who he intends to make his final victim.