Mike Malloy’s ‘Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the ’70s’ Doc finally hits US DVD !!


Due for release 14th October 2014 / NTSC Region 1.

Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the ’70s

Starring: Franco Nero, John Saxon, Henry Silva, Antonio Sabato, Fred Williamson, Joe Dallesandro, Chris Mitchum, John Steiner among many others.

This release will bring a sigh of relief to all Italian Crime movie fans who have been waiting patiently for Mike Malloy’s labour of love documentary to find it’s feet and finally secure a US distribution deal.The Eurocrime genre has been painfully neglected for decades as most Italian crime films were seen as cheap imitations of American crime movies.The attitude, action, outrageous ball breaking central characters along with their dynamic soundtracks made the Eurocrime genre a force to be reckoned with. I cannot wait to see this.