Michele Soavi’s STAGEFRIGHT(1987) hits UK Blu-ray 26th May 2014.


A group of young dancers rehearsing in an old theatre is accidentally locked-in for the night – but not alone. In the shadows, someone is watching, waiting and selecting victims at his demented leisure… tonight, serial killer Irving Wallace has escaped and is about to put on his own real-life horror show!


Director Michele Soavi’s (The Church, The Sect,Cemetery Man) acclaimed and brutal ’80s slasher is presented on Blu-ray for the first time anywhere in the world in an uncut, limited Collector’s Edition.


SPECIAL FEATURES: Dual format edition: contains both DVD and Blu-ray disc / New restoration / Other Special Features TBC.

Director: Michele Soavi / Starring: Barbara Cupisti, David Brandon, John Morghen.

DISC Info: Feature Running Time: TBC minutes approx / Picture:  Colour | 1080p/24 / Sound: English language  |  Uncompressed audio / Subtitles: English for the hard-of-hearing (removable) / BD/DVD Region Code: Region B/2 (UK and Europe compatible only).