Metrodome Distribution present THE BORDERLANDS (Elliot Goldner/2013) Theatrical release 4th April 2014.


Beautiful new UK Quad poster artwork by the legendary Graham Humphreys!

Director: Elliot Goldner / Starring: Robin Hill (Down Terrace, Kill List) ,Gordon Kennedy, Aidan McArdle, Patrick Godfrey & Luke Neal.

Don’t believe everything you see! A team of Vatican investigators are sent to the British West Country to look into reports of paranormal activity during a Christening at a newly re-opened remote church. Father Crellick has webcam proof of artifacts moving on the altar and other weird happenings. But two of the three-man team aren’t so sure. Deacon and Father Mark Amidon are experts in the field of faked miracles and play the footage continually looking for wires and trickery. Going back through church records, the holy place does seem to have a history of strange occurrences, and there is that raspy scratching sound they keep hearing coming from the walls. So they set up cameras in the nave and around the pulpit in the hope of filming and recording something unusual. An elaborate fake, or could this one be the real deal ?