Massacre Video unleash DEMON QUEEN (1986) on DVD 13th Jan 2015.


Directed by: Donald FarmerĀ  / Cast: Mary Fanaro, Rick Foster, David BloodThe mysterious and lecherous Lucinda (Mary Fanaro) is the cold as ice, soul-devouring evil embodiment of the Demon Queen! She’s a sinister and murderous Succubus wildly rampaging on an unholy quest of lust and terror. Lucinda loves brutally killing her victims, but she reserves the most horrendous horrors for her forlorn lovers! Jesse (Dennis Stewart) tries to thwart Lucinda’s orgy of blood lust, but Lucinda has summoned her most horrific and unspeakable powers especially for his demise! Fear the Demon Queen, she WILL kill you!

Bonus Features: Interview with Director Donald Farmer Stills Gallery Reversible Cover Liner Notes Trailers