Lucio Fulci’s SEVEN NOTES IN BLACK (Sette Note In Nero/1977) ’84 Films Blu-ray release.



Dover, England, October 12, 1959, 11:45 AM. A distraught young woman (Elizabeth Turner) drives to a scenic cliff-top overlooking the English Channel and throws herself off. At exactly the same time in Florence, Italy, the woman’s young daughter Virginia (Fausta Avelli) has a vision of her mother’s gruesome fall.Italy, 1976. A grown-up Virginia Ducci (Jennifer O’Neill) happily bids farewell to her new husband Francesco (Gianni Garko) as he leaves their house for a business trip abroad. After dropping him off at a small airport and driving home, Virginia experiences a number of confusing, fragmented visions while driving through dark road tunnel; a broken mirror in a dimly lit room; a lamp; a yellow cigarette burning in an ashtray; a magazine with a young woman on the front cover; a stuffed bird; the blood soaked corpse of an old lady; a fresco of The Madonna and Child; the footfalls of a man with a limp; a blinking red light; a yellow taxi; and someone being walled up in a dark hole.psychic