Lucio Fulci’s FOUR FOR THE APOCALYPSE (1975) Uncut Italian DVD released 18/03/14.


Director: Lucio Fulci / Starring: Fabio Testi, Lynne Frederick, Michael J. Pollard and Tomas Milian. |

I Quattro Dell’ Apocalisse follows the adventures and travels of four petty criminals in 1873 Utah¬†including gambler and swindler Stubby Preston, pregnant prostitute Bunny O’Neal, drunkard Clem, and a mental disturbed man, named Bud, who’s obsessed with the dead. The quartet travel aimlessly through the Utah Badlands looking for food, water and people to swindle, while they are harassed by a villanous Mexican bandit, named Chaco (Milian) whom Stubby vows revenge after the bandito sexually assaults Bunny.

Uncut / Italian language only / Mustang Entertainment release.