Lamberto Bava’s DEMONS 2 / Synapse Blu-ray Steelbook released 19th Nov 2013


Director: Lamberto Bava / Starring: David Edwin Knight, Nancy Brilli, Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni, Asia Argento, Bobby Rhodes.


 The demons return in this terrifying sequel!  A young woman’s birthday party turns deadly as a televised horror film unleashes more demonic mayhem… this time in a high-rise apartment building!  As the residents are attacked, the plague spreads and transforms the tenants into bloodthirsty mutated killers!


Blu-ray STEELBOOK SPECIAL FEATURES:Limited Edition (3000 units from Steelbook Featuring All-New Artwork from Wes Benscoter / Each Steelbook is Blu-ray packaging sized, and will be a “Combo Pack” containing both a Blu-ray (BD-50) and a DVD (DVD-9) of the feature and extras / Contains the Original Italian Language Mix and the Original English Soundtrack / Removable English Subtitles for both the English and Italian Versions / The transfer is from a new HD scan of the original 35mm negative, in 1080p/23.98fps 1.66:1 aspect ratio [not the same muted colors and weak black levels as previous released versions] / All audio tracks will be encoded in DTS-HD MA. / Featurettes (from Calum Waddell’s HIGH RISING PRODUCTIONS Company) include:SCREAMING FOR A SEQUEL – THE DELIRIOUS LEGACY OF DEMONS 2 – Interview with Lamberto Bava / THE DEMONS GENERATION – ROY BAVA DISCUSSES A LEGACY IN LACERATIONS – Assistant Director Roy Bava Speaks About His Experiences on DEMONS and DEMONS 2 / A SOUNDTRACK FOR SPLATTER – Composer Simon Boswell Discusses His Genre Music Making Career / DEMONIC INFLUENCES – FEDERICO ZAMPAGLIONE SPEAKS – Interview Segment