The Killer Reserved Nine Seats / Carlo Savina’s Giallo score finally released on CD.


9 seats


AKA: El asesino ha reservado nueve butacas (Spain) The Killer Reserved Nine Seats (USA) (dubbed version) / (World-wide) (English title)

Limited edition of 500 copies. Quartet Records and Gruppo Sugar presents the world premiere release of a Carlo Savina giallo classic!

L’assassino ha riservato nove poltrone (1974) is an Italian adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians, the classic story of ten unsuspecting strangers stuck on a deadly island where they die one by one. The screenplay co-written by director Giuseppe Bennati changes a few details: there are only nine people who are related to each other and have every reason to kill anybody in the group. While this dysfunctional circle of gets stranded in a cursed Baroque theater of an old family mansion, a mysterious masked figure appears to kill everyone with imaginative death scenes. This is a premiere presentation of the score, which hasn’t been released in any form until now. Mastered by Claudio Fuiano from first generation stereo master tapes, the richly illustrated 8-page booklet features liner notes by Gergely Hubai who discusses this rarely seen film and shares his insights about the music.

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