Julia’s Eyes (Los Ojos De Julia) (2010)

Director: Guillem Morales.

Producer: Guillermo Del Toro.

Starring: Belen Rueda, Lluis Homar, Francesc Orella and Joan Dalmau.


Sara, a seemingly blind woman (Rueda) is being terrorized in her own home by an unknown and unseen assailant. Sara suffers from a rare degenerative sight disease and hangs herself to escape the torment that she has been enduring for years.Sara’s sister Julia (a dual role for Rueda),who also suffers from the same disease finds the body with the help of her husband Isaac (Homar).While the police and Isaac accept that Sara killed herself out of despair at her blindness, Julia is suspicious that someone else might be involved. Julia discovers that her sister had been seeing a man who nobody remembers. She takes Isaac to a hotel her sister frequented in a remote town where she had stayed before her death.When asking the locals about the man nobody is able to recall what he looked like and seem slightly afraid when asked.Isaac goes missing and is found hanged in the same basement as Sara and, brought on by the shock, Julia’s eyesight begins to fail. She has emergency eye-transplant surgery but while recovering in Sara’s house she becomes convinced that she is being watched, tormented and terrorized.

Julla’s Eyes gives its audience terror and shock moments in spades but loses its way somewhat after the killer is revealed.The revelation is no great surprise and there are some large holes in the script’s logic but overall this is another great Spanish Thriller/Horror hybrid. Its influences include 1967’s Wait until Dark, Blind Terror (71) and the more recent horror offerings The Collector and Hammer Films’ The Resident. Ultimately Julia’s Eyes benefits from a hefty dose of Giallo-esque segments most notable in the camera – flash finale that blends both psychological thriller and horror genres with stunning results.