Dorado Films release José Ramón Larraz’ Estigma & Emma Puertas Oscuras on Blu-ray.


emmaESTIGMA (1980)

Runtime: 86 minutes  Resolution: Full HD Audio: English (2.0), Spanish (2.0), Audio Commentary (English)  Subtitles:English, Spanish, Italian / Director: José Ramón Larraz /Actors: Christian Borromeo, Alexandra Bastedo, Emelio Gutierrez Caba, Helga Liné.

Thrilling story directed by Jose Ramón Larraz about the possession of a young boy, Sabastian, who acquires the power to make his thoughts come true. A mind dictated by evil, a reincarnation of a past life destined to repeat itself all over again. Life after life?

Emma Puertas Oscuras (1974)

Runtime: 75 minutes /Resolution: Full HD /Audio: Spanish (2.0), Audio Commentary (English) /Subtitles:English, Spanish, Italian/Director: José Ramón Larraz/Actors: Susanna East, Perla Cristal, Angel Menendez, Marina Ferri, Andrew Grant.

After a tragic accident which has mind altering consequences, Emma now becomes psychotic, endangering everyone close to her and anyone she meets.

Total Runtime: 161 minutes /Regions: ABC /UPC: 828637050065
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