Joe D’Amato’s BUIO OMEGA (1979) Uncut German Blu-ray (XT Video)


Director: Joe D’Amato / Starring: Kieran Canter, Cinzia Monreale, Franca Stoppi, Sam Modesto, Anna Cardini. Aka :Beyond The Darkness / Blue Holocaust / Buried Alive.

On a luxurious estate in the Italian countryside, rich kid Francesco mourns his deceased lover.Soon pain and loss turn to madness and violence, as this troubled soul decides he cannot part with his love just yet.With a little help from his just-as-disturbed housekeeper they excavate her corpse, preserving her body with excruciating attention to detail. That, however, is only the beginning. He then sets out on a campaign of abducting and murdering women. Infamous for its gruesome scenes of torture, cannibalism, and worse (and winner of an award from the prestigious Gore Gazette magazine).Soundtrack by Goblin.