Joe Chien’s ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB available NOW on DVD!


The Raid meets Dawn of the Dead in this crazy zombie smackdown!

Zombie Fight Club will have its UK premiere at Film4 FrightFest on Friday 28th August, before coming to DVD on the 31st August.


First there was ZOMBIE 108 now….. ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB.

A batch of virus-infected pills hits a group of sex-crazed party animals in a Taipei tower block.They mutate into zombies and a wealth of gore is unleashed.Crime lords force slaves into combat with zombies and each other for survival.Andy (Andy On) and Jenny (Jessica C) become trapped in an underground lair full of zombies.Can they survive long enough to stave off the zombie apocalypse?

Joe Chien seems heavily influenced by Gareth Evans’ THE RAID, Yoshihiro Nishimura’s TOKYO GORE POLICE and Shion Sono’s SUICIDE CLUB.The gore quoto is high and Chien keeps a dynamic pace throughout the film which is also similar in tone to Robert Rodriguez’ grindhouse homage PLANET TERROR.

ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB comes highly recommended!

Joe Chien is also known for Zombie 108,Gangster Rock and Apostles.