ANOTHER (Jason Bognacki/2013) European Premiere screening at FrightFest.


Screening Sunday 24th August at 21.30,Discovery Screen 2.European Premiere.

Starring: Ana Paula Redding, David Landry, Lillian Pennypacker, Michael St. Michaels, Nancy Wolfe. US 2014. 80 mins

On her 18th birthday Jordyn learns a hideous secret about her past, her bloodline and her family when her Aunt Ruth (Nancy Wolfe) stabs herself at the party. It turns out Ruth has been keeping secrets and one of them is that Jordyn’s mother may not be as dead as everyone has been led to believe. As Jordyn she tries to unravel the mysteries of her new nightmarish existence, more past secrets are revealed through demonic possession, witchcraft desire and extreme indulgences, and it becomes clear her legacy is fraught with danger. Who is Jordyn really and why does everything seem to be going to hell?