HORROR HOSPITAL Odeon Entertainment DVD & Blu-ray OUT NOW!


Aka: Computer Killers / Directed by Anthony Balch.

Starring: Michael Gough, Robin Askwith, Vanessa Shaw, Ellen Pollock, Dennis Price, Skip Martin, Kurt Christian.

Jason (Askwith), a member of a heavy rock group (not unlike ‘Kipper’ from Confessions Of A Pop Performer!) decides he needs a break at a country retreat via a company trading as HAIRY HOLIDAYS.On the train he meets Judy (Shaw),whose Aunt Harris owns Brittlehouse Manor with her husband Dr Storm (Gough).Doctor Storm is a crippled, demented genius who has a laboratory where he performs lobotomies on his victims turning them into obedient but brainless zombies.

hhHorror Hospital is many things.The Rocky Horror Picture Show owes much to the lurid and campy excess on display here.It plays like an over long episode of Hammer House of Horror and is mind-bendingly ridiculous but fiendishly entertaining fun at the same time.

Odeon Entertainment’s Blu-ray release is quite simply the best Horror Blu-ray release i have seen this year.This release is a ’70s British Horror lovers dream come true.Only previously available in an awful 4:3 cropped transfer, Odeon Entertainment’s Blu-ray shimmers with bright blood reds.Vanessa Shaw’s pink and blue striped roll-neck can now be seen as it was originally intended!


Extras include: ‘Robin Askwith is admitted to Horror Hospital for further treatment’ Interview by Simon Sheridan (Author of ‘Keeping The British End Up’) Audio Commentary with producer Richard Gordon and David De Valle & Original Trailer.