Hooded Satanists :Race With The Devil (1975)


 Race With The Devil (1975)

” The smashed up motor-home is suddenly surrounded by a ring of fire, outside of which stand one hundred hooded redneck Satanists!! ”

 Directed by Jack Starrett.

Starring: Peter Fonda, Warren Oates, Loretta Switt, Lara Parker, R.G. Armstrong and Jack Starrett.

Produced by Wes Bishop / Written by Wes Bishop and Lee Frost.

Good ‘ole boys Fonda and Oates play motorbike freaks Roger and Frank from San Antonio who have a spanking new $36,000 motor-home with all mod cons. They take off with their interchangeable wives to go skiing in Aspen, Colorado.On the way they park for the night in what seems like a nice secluded spot.Later that evening they see a fire ignite in the distance as hooded figures gather by a large tree.Frank observes ”They’ve sure got a big one going and it ain’t no barbecue ‘‘.Roger grabs his binoculars and spots naked girls dancing around the fire with a nasty looking character in a mask and cape.The girl is sacrificed and the now obvious Satanists spot the two gate-crashers. Roger and Frank escape while smashing a few pursuing Satanists in the face. Sherriff R.G Armstrong ain’t having none of it. They go back to the woods the following day and find a bunch of blood. The Sherriff thinks it’s from a dog. Like hell it is! Wives Alice and Kelly find a note from the Satanists on their smashed back window warning them of evil deeds to come.Our mobile foursome go to a trailer park for a swim but soon get paranoid. Roger’s wife Kelly sees pool-side rednecks grinning maniacally at her which freaks her out and spoils her swim. To cool off they go to a country and western bar to let their hair down. They return to find their pooch Ginger hanging from the motor-home door.Paranoia mounts as they realise the Satanists are following their every move. They get attacked on the road but Roger’s on the case and shotgun’s them back to where they came from – HELL!

There’s excellent road smash ‘ em up car action to feast your eyes on in this little beauty.Our travellers are relieved that they have made it and spot a detour ahead. They turn off into another dirt road – just like the beginning of their nightmare. Night time is the right time and the martinis are flowing  but chanting is heard outside and the smashed up motor-home is suddenly surrounded by a ring of fire outside of which stand over a hundred hooded redneck Satanists!! This time they are the sacrificial lambs and the barbecue is on them.

Peter Fonda and Warren Oates appeared together in Fonda’s beautifully shot hippy western THE HIRED HAND (‘71) and 92 DEGREES IN THE SHADE (‘76).