HI-RIDERS (Greydon Clark/1978) Uncut German DVD coming late 2014.


Director: Greydon Clark / Starring: Mel Ferrer, Stephen McNally, Darby Hinton


Meet the Hi-Riders, a gang of jean-jacketed drag racers. Every man a devil-driven death machine in a human demolition derby.They live hard and die hard screaming demons headed for hell on chopped-down hogs. Meet Mark and Lynn (Darby Hinton and Diane Peterson) caught up in a story of hatred and revenge. While at a bar the Hi-Riders are challenged to a drag race by one of the local hot heads. In a spectacular explosion both drivers are killed. During a wild party in honor of the dead drivers, the local boy s father storms in and vows revenge on the Hi-Riders. A fantastic stunt-filled chase ensues between the Hi-Riders and the local henchmen. Whipped into a blazing frenzy of violence the Hi-Riders are humping hot steel hogs on a raging rampage through the town. Zip up your leather jacket, kick over the starter and take the ride of your life with the Hi-Riders. 90 min, Color, R, 1978, 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio 16×9 Enhanced.