HERE COMES THE DEVIL (2013) Available on DVD now.

 Directors: Adrián García Bogliano / Starring: Francisco Barreiro, Laura Caro, Alan Martinez.
While on vacation in Tijuana, young parents Felix and Sol allow their children Sara and Adolfo to explore a hillside near the rest stop unattended. What follows is every parent’s worst nightmare-the children enter a dark cave and disappear. Working with local authorities conducting the search, the couple nevertheless returns to their hotel room without finding their children. Their ordeal appears to come to an end when both Sara and Adolfo are found alive and unharmed the next morning. However, the good fortune of their return soon changes with the children’s behavior suggesting ominous and unspeakable events that occurred the night the children were lost. As Felix and Sol try to care for and protect their children, they begin hearing half-whispered legends of the caves too strange to believe and too dangerous, no matter how insane, to ignore. In Here Comes the Devil, director Adrián García Bogliano crafts an exceptional supernatural thriller steadily building a palpable sense of dread and paranoia that leads to shocking, horrific revelations. …Here Comes the Devil ( Ahí va el diablo )