FULL MOON release THE JESS FRANCO COLLECTION: Restored and Remastered.



From the terminally odd, psychedelic, and erotic mind of exploitation king Jesus “Jess” Franco comes BLUE RITA – a rare attempt to combine the adult and spy genres into arguably the weirdest and strangest spy movie ever made! This lurid sex shocker concerns Blue Rita (Marianne Flety), an exotic dancer and gentleman’s club owner who secretly works undercover as a Communist spy.In the annals of international cult, horror and fantasy filmmaking, the name Jess Franco is royalty. The controversial Spanish-born auteur directed over 200 remarkable films in his 60 year career before his death in 2013, sculpting a body of dangerous, dark, erotic and generally outrageous descents into personal, obsessive and entertaining excess.


Now, Full Moon is thrilled to be able to honor the legacy of Jess Franco with a DVD series, “The Jess Franco Collection.” Working in partnership with legendary exploitation film producer Erwin C. Dietrich, Full Moon’s “The Jess Franco Collection” features 10 titles culled from that golden period of collaboration between Dietrich and Franco, all of them featuring transfers struck from a brand new HD master and each release loaded with special features.