THE FAN : Mondo Macabro Blu-ray coming 2015.


Aka: The Fan/TRANCE (UK VHS re-titling) Starring: Desiree Nosbusch, Bodo Staiger, Simone Brahmann, Jonas Vischer, Helga Tölle.

17-year-old schoolgirl Simone is in love with R”, the lead singer of the Neue Deutsche Welle. Although he has not yet answered her love letters, it is accelerated into the delusion thatR” must also love Simone. Simone skips school and daydreams of an imaginary love affair with her ​​idol. After an argument with her parents because of her problems at school, Simone pulls out and goes hitch hiking to Munich, where R is to appear at a TV studio.Simone becomes entranced but her feelings of devotion soon turn murderous with shocking consequences.