Eurocrime on Blu: STUNT SQUAD (Domenico Paolella/1977) Raro USA Blu-ray released September 2014.

AKA:La polizia è sconfitta / Elimination Force / Los Nuevos Bastardos (The New Bastards)


Starring: Marcel Bozzuffi, Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Riccardo Salvino and Claudia Giannotti.

“LA POLIZIA E’ SCONFITTA “(internationally titled Stunt Squad and Elimination Force) is a 1977 classic Italian poliziottesco film directed by Domenico Paolella. The character of Mezzogiorno was defined as “perhaps the most gruesome and ruthless villain of the Italian crime cinema”. Marcel Bozzuffi overcomes the violence running rampant on the streets by forming a squad of special forces. His right hand man is Riccardo Salvino.They are¬†pursuing Valli (Mazzogiorno) who’s demanding protection from businesses. Those who don’t pay are blown up by remote control after two thugs posing as telephone repairmen plant bombs in pay phones.