Enter The Dragon (1973)


Bruce Lee’s monumental Box office success in Asia after the release of his three previous movies, The Big Boss, Fists of Fury and Way of the Dragon gained the attention of Warner Bros Studios.They agreed to co-produce a film with Bruce Lee’s Hong Kong film outfit,Concord Productions. Enter the Dragon became that film and was the first of it’s genre to be co-produced by both American and Hong Kong Film studios.
Bruce Lee’s character is recruited by British intelligence to investigate the activities of the sinister Han, a Fu-Manchu style underworld drug kingpin involved in drug running and prostitution.Bruce Lee’s cover is to enter Han’s Annual Martial Arts Tournament as a competitor.The tournament is held on Han’s secret Island fortress. Lee has a personal score to be settled too, his sister was killed by one of Han’s bodyguards several years earlier.
Bruce Lee joins American actors John Saxon as Roper,the late Jim ‘Black Belt Jones’ Kelly as Williams (here making his film debut), Shih Kien as the deadly Han and an uncredited Jackie Chan providing stunt work. Chan is one of the prison guard’s on the receiving end of Bruce Lee’s Nunchaku!
Bruce Lee’s jaw-dropping fight choreography, believable characters and a snappy script are all responsible for making Enter The Dragon the cult favourite it is today. Enter The Dragon literally brought Kung-Fu cinema to the masses and kick-started what would become a worldwide Kung-Fu craze spawning hundreds of movies featuring Bruce Lee clone’s Bruce Le, Bruce Li and Bruce Lo among many others.Kung-Fu training clubs opened in every town in America and it seemed the world couldn’t get enough of Bruce Lee.
Lee himself had noted that his intention with Enter the Dragon was to provide the audience with an insight into his cultural beliefs and the deeply spiritual aspects of his fighting style.
Enter the Dragon was Bruce Lee’s biggest hit and took $11,500,000 at the box office. He was not alive to see the success that Enter had become as he died shortly after the film’s completion .He was only 32 years old but left a legacy behind him that still resonates today.

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