ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE (1973) Odyssey Home Entertainment DVD Out Now.


Directed by James William Guercio / Starring: Robert Blake, Billy Green Bush, Mitchell Ryan.

Set against the breathtaking visuals of Monument Valley, this mesmerizing film is your ticket to open-road excitement.The only thing good-hearted motorcycle cop John Wintergreen (Blake) wants is to become a detective, wear a big Stetson, smoke fancy cigars and be paid to think. So when he stumbles upon a dead body, he takes on the case.But as soon as he’s promoted, the corruption he must tolerate makes the Stetson not fit so well and the cigars not taste so good. Forced to confront his own disillusionment, Wintergreen heads out on his bike, the Electra Glide, where he makes another shocking discovery – one that could cost him his life!

Successful in the music industry as a manager and producer, director Guercio was best known for his association with the top-selling jazz-rock group Chicago: several members of the band appear in the movie, as does a young Nick Nolte in a bit part. On a note of sad irony, Terry Kath, the longtime Chicago vocalist who died in 1978 from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head, plays a gun-wielding killer in this film.