Dorothy Stratten is GALAXINA (1980) German DVD release coming 2014.

S365_GALAXINA - DVD.inddgal1

Starring: Dorothy Stratten, Avery Schreiber, Stephen Macht / Director: William Sachs This comic sci-fi parody takes place in the 30th Century and follows the exploits of a police space cruiser and its crew.Commanded by Captain Butt (Schreiber), the crew consists of Thor (Macht), pilot Buzz (J.D. Hinton) and female robot Galaxina (Dorthy Stratten) who shocks humans by physical touch.They are assigned to travel to a distant planet and retrieve the mysterious “Blue Star”. It will take them 27 years to reach their destination, so everyone enters suspended animation while Galaxina takes care of the ship’s operation.When they reach their destination they find that an alien has gotten to the Blue Star first, and it’s up to Galaxina to get it back.

DVD review coming soon.