DISCOPATH (Renaud Gauthier/2013) gets German Blu-ray release.

Starring:Catherine Antaki, Katherine Cleland, François Aubin, Sandrine Bisson, Ivan Freud, Sibylle Gauthier, Pierre Lenoir, Francesca Gosselin, Catherine Castellucci, Nancy Blais.



If you like your disco scenes sprinkled with a touch of slasher mayhem then Discopath is for you. If you were thrilled by the disco scenes in Don’t Go In The House and Blue Sunshine then you need to keep your sparkly disco goggles on for Discopath.

After the Fantasia festival in Montreal last August, Discopath has been doing the cult film festivals including Los Angeles, Frightfest London All Nighter on 26th October, then onto Spain and Paris in late October.


Renaud Gauthier’s Discopath is a low budget retro slasher with real panache.Our shy, retiring protagonist literally cannot bear the pulsating beats and repetitive bassline that disco slings at him.He dispatches his victims like flies flicked from a velour tank- top.

Channeling late 70′s and early 80′s Grindhouse faves Mardi Gras Massacre, Don’t Go In The House and Blue Sunshine, Discopath is a real treat for bargain basement horror freaks.