Demented Death Farm Massacre (1971) Troma Grindhouse Edition DVD – Limited 333 Edition.


AKA: Death Farm / Hillbilly Hooker / Honey Pie / Little Whorehouse on the Prairie / Moonshiners’ Women / Shantytown Honeymoon.

Starring:John Carradine, Ashley Brooks, George Ellis, Trudy Moore, Mike Coolik, Jim Peck, Pepper Thurston, Valarie Lipsey, R. Kenneth Wade, Frank Jones, Alan Davis.

This is the story of four jewel thieves on the run who decide to hole up with a hillbilly couple until the search for them slackens off.Producer Fred Olen Ray bought the limited release film Shantytown Honeymoon (1971), shot an introduction scene with John Carradine as The Judge of Hell (5 minutes), and sold it to Troma Films that re-titled it again as  Demented Death Farm Massacre (1986).