CHILDREN OF A DARKER DAWN (2013) Coming to DVD 17th December 2013


Director: Jason Figgis / Actors: Catherine Wrigglesworth, Justine Rodgers, Emily Forster.

A doomsday virus of madness and death has destoyed the world’s adult population. Only the young survive. They watch in horror as their parents go mad and die. Haunted by terrifying memories, they fight for life in a bleak wasteland. Gangs of teens and outlaw children roam the scarred landscape. Sisters Evie and Fran keep to themselves, two outsiders gathering food and moving from town to town. Sleeping overnight in an abandoned mansion, the sisters are awoken by shouts of a mob beating a lone girl. The battle between newcomers and the vicious pack spirals into a violent explosion. Teen romances, sexual jealousies and cliques inflame a grisly struggle for food. It’s The Road to a grim new civilization.