CHEAP THRILLS (E.L. Katz/2013) UK theatrical release 6th June 2014.


From the producer’s of ‘You’re Next’ comes Cheap Thrills.

Starring: David Koechner (Anchorman, Anchorman 2, Behind The Candelabra) , Sara Paxton (The Innkeepers, Static, Shark Night 3D),Pat Healy (The Innkeepers, Compliance)

Unemployed and down on his luck, Craig (Pat Healy) finds himself drowning his sorrows in an attempt to forget the mounting debts threatening to tear his family apart. When a chance meeting with an old friend (Ethan Embry) leads to one drink after another; the pair find themselves drawn into an innocent game of dare by a thrill seeking couple with money to burn; Violet (Sara Paxton) and Colin (David Koechner).

As the night progresses both Vince and Craig become the victims of their own greed, as the initially fun game escalates into something far more sinister. When the money is on the table, how far will two friends go to ensure their futures?