Severin Films’ CANNIBAL MASSACRE COLLECTION coming 11th November 2014.


The Cannibal Massacre Collection
3 DVDs

Production Years: PAPAYA: 1979; CANNIBAL TERROR: 1980; DEVIL HUNTER: 1980
Directed by: PAPAYA: Joe D’Amato; CANNIBAL TERROR: Allan W. Steeve; DEVIL HUNTER: Jess Franco
Stars: PAPAYA:Melissa Chimenti, Sirpa Lane, Maurice Poli; CANNIBAL TERROR: Silvia Solar, Gerard Lemaire, Pamela Stanford
DEVIL HUNTER: Ursula Buchfellner, Al Cliver, Antonio Mayans

PAPAYA: LOVE GODDESS OF THE CANNIBALS: Her name was Sirpa Lane, the succulent Finnish beauty who became an international sex symbol in Roger Vadim’s Charlotte, then shocked the world with her inhuman degradation in Walerian Borowczyk’s The Beast. But perhaps her ultimate cinematic destiny was to star in this tropical sleaze-fest from the notorious Joe D’Amato ( director of Emanuelle And The White Slave Trade and Anthropophagus ) as a woman who hungrily surrenders to perverse trysts, native vengeance, graphic carnal carnage and beyond. Severin Films is shamelessly proud to present Papaya fully restored ( including the complete Disco Cannibal Blood Orgy sequence ) from an Italian vault print seized from the private collection of a jailed magistrate!

CANNIBAL TERROR: Even by the sleaziest standards of ’80s EuroTrash, it remains a film that must be seen to be believed: When a pair of criminal knuckleheads and their busty moll kidnap the young daughter of a wealthy tycoon, they foolishly choose to hide in a local jungle infested with ferocious cannibals. What follows is a mind-roasting exercise in atrocious acting, gratuitous nudity and gut-munching mayhem by a ravenous tribe of flesh eaters who inexplicably sport comb-overs and Elvis sideburns. Robert Foster (Inconfessable Orgies Of Emmanuelle), Pamela Stanford (White Cannibal Queen) and Burt Altman (The Devil Hunter) star in this infamous Spanish/French co-production that was banned in Britain as one of the original “Video Nasties” and is now presented uncut, uncensored and mastered in Hi-Def for the first time ever in America!

DEVIL HUNTER: King Of EuroSleaze Jess Franco (Bloody Moon, Macumba Sexual) takes on the ’80s Cannibal genre and delivers a jungle sickie like no other! When a safari of sexy babes and violent boneheads ventures into native-crazed wilderness, Uncle Jess unleashes a deluge of relentless nudity, dubious anthropology and his own brand of cut-rate carnage. Ursula Fellner (Sadomania), Al Cliver (Zombie), Robert Foster (Cannibal Terror) and Gisela Hahn (Contamination) co-star in this original “Video Nasty” ( also tastefully known as Sexo Cannibal and Mandingo Manhunter ) with something to offend everyone, now fully restored from the original Spanish negative and presented uncut and uncensored for the first time ever in America!

Special Features:
PAPAYA: Theatrical Trailer
CANNIBAL TERROR: Spicy Deleted Scene, Theatrical Trailer
DEVIL HUNTER: Sexo Canibal – Interview with Director Jess Franco