BORIS KARLOFF is THE GHOUL / Coming to Network Blu-ray 20th April 2015.



The first British film ever to be labelled “horrific” (as well as being the first British horror with sound), The Ghoul is presented here for the first time in High Definition in a restoration from original film elements in its original aspect ratio. Starring Boris Karloff, Cedric Hardwicke and Ralph Richardson, this landmark film is a key title in any horror film collection. An eminent, dying Egyptologist has purchased a precious stone stolen from an Egyptian tomb which, he believes, will appease the ancient gods after his death if they are buried together. The Professor is not dead, however, but in a trance and, when the stone is stolen from his tomb, he returns as a ghoul – furious at the theft and hell-bent on wreaking revenge upon those responsible!

Feature commentary by horror experts Kim Newman and Stephen Jones.
Extensive image gallery.
Commemorative booklet by Stephen Jones.