The Boogey Man: Original 1980 Soundtrack Vinyl available from One Way Static Records.

One Way Static Records proudly presents Motion Sound Records first release. Tim Krog’s Iconic soundtrack to ‘The Boogey Man’ from 1980.
Limited vinyl pressing of the eerie electronic score by composer Tim Krog for the 1980 Ulli Lommel cult classic The Boogey Man.
Composer Tim Krog studied film scoring at UCLA and has created music for film, television, and radio but is probably best know for his work as the composer for The Boogey Man.
Limited edition pressing of 500 Copies only. Pressed on 180g clear vinyl, housed In a 350 gsm, 5 mm spine sleeve. Machine numbered & shrink wrapped.
12 tracks total!
A1    The Boogey Man    3:01
A2    Nightmare    0:52
A3    Weird Willy Music    2:04
A4    The Boogey Man Strikes    1:29
A5    Explosion At The Well    2:48
A6    The Boogey Man (Version 2)    4:00
B1    Childhood    3:39
B2    Jake’s Theme    1:00
B3    Gloom    2:17
B4    Music Box    0:31
B5    Fast Tracks    3:08
B6    The Boogey Man (Version 3)    2:34