Bobcat Goldthwaite’s WILLOW CREEK: In UK Cinemas Friday 2nd May.



Director: Bobcat Goldthwait / Starring: Alexie Gilmore, Bryce Johnson.

A huge hit at this year’s Frightfest (with Bobcat in attendance) Willow Creek is comedian- turned – director Bobcat Goldthwait’s first found footage horror film in the style of The Blair Witch Project, Troll Hunter and the slew of 70’s Sasquatch /Yeti movies.Willow Creek will be released in UK cinemas on Friday 2nd May.


The story concerns a young couple (Johnson and Gilmore) who venture deep into the heart of the Northern California woods in search of  Bigfoot/Yeti/Sasquatch/Near-man or whatever you’d like to call him.As this is predominantly a Horror film, their little trip doesn’t quite go as planned.Willow Creek has a high jump factor is a perfect mix of humour and horror as the the tension builds to it’s shocking climax.