Billy Bagg (Aka William Lustig) Voilation of Claudia (77) & Hot Honey (78) DVD from Vinegar Syndrome 7th October 2014


Stars: Jamie Gillis, Sharon Mitchell, Serena, Heather Young, Long Jeane Silvers

Before he became one of the most famous and important horror filmmakers of the 1980s, Bill Lustig(Manic Cop, Vigilante) directed these two X rated oddities. Both films have been newly restored in 2K from their original negatives and each audio commentary with Bill Lustig is moderated by Danish film director, Nicolas Winding Refn(Drive, Only God Forgives, Valhalla Rising, Bronson).

In VIOLATION OF CLAUDIA (1977), theincredible Sharon Mitchell stars as Claudia, a beautiful, wealthy housewife who enters the seedy and bizarre world of prostitution with the help of her manipulative tennis coach (Jamie Gillis).Also starring Crystal Sync, Long Jeane Silvers and Don Peterson.(63min)

In HOT HONEY (1978), young Honey (Heather Young) refuses to put out for her boyfriend,preferring to tend for her wheelchair bound brother (Jamie Gillis). But soon, Honey begins seducing men and women alike! Co-starring Serena and Robin Byrd.(71 min)

Bonus Features: Original Theatrical Trailers, 2 full length audio commentaries with director Bill Lustig, Bonus Podcast/Interview with Bill Lustig, Rare Slides and Memorabilia from the Vault.