Ben Wheatley’s A FIELD IN ENGLAND: Drafthouse Films’ Blu-ray/DVD released April 8th 2014.

 FIELD2fieldBen Wheatley’s psychedelic wartime horror tour-de-force A Field In England heads to home video on April 8th. The home video release is jam-packed with over three hours of Special Features, including:

  • Audio commentary with director Ben Wheatley, producer Andy Starke and sound editor Martin Pavey  
  • Inverview with Ben Wheatley
  • Camera tests reel  
  • Masterclass Featurettes: The Edit; The Practice of Magic: Visual Effects; Influences; If Thoul’t Be Silent: Recording the Sound; The World of the Field: Location; Costume; Cinematography: The Look of the Film; Only Shadows: Acting; Scoring the Field: Music; Journey of a Scene – Rushes, First Assembly and Final Cut (Blu-ray exclusive); Anatomy of a Scene (Blu-ray Exclusive)
  • Trailer  
  • 16-page booklet featuring an interview with Ben Wheatley
  • Free HD Digital Copy and reversible art.