Andrea Bianchi’s BURIAL GROUND / 88 Films’ Blu-ray coming 20th April 2015.


Starring: Karin Well, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Simone Mattioli, Peter Bark.

Made during the boom-time in Italian terror, this infamous and once-banned blood-feast highlights an assembly of ridiculously ill-prepared locals who find themselves trapped in the middle of a living dead resurrection! Fleeing to (apparent) safety in the confines of a remote mansion, the group are nonetheless stalked and slaughtered by the shambling flesh-feasters who make their way inside… Packed with gruesome special effects from Gino De Rossi (CANNIBAL FEROX/ PIRANHA II) this macabre masterpiece comes from the disturbed mind of veteran sleaze-maker Andrea Bianchi (STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER). 88 Films is proud to deliver a BluRay edition of BURIAL GROUND, uncut and uncensored, that any self-respecting shock-cinema buff is sure to devour!