Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ SHOW PIECES : FrightFest screening Saturday 23rd August.


Writer Alan Moore and director Mitch Jenkins have completed the next phase of their ambitious film project, The Show, resulting in a trailer, limited edition box set and forthcoming feature-length screening at the UK’s biggest horror film festival, Film4’s FrightFest

Alan Moore is widely considered to be one of the greatest graphic novelists of all time.  Several of his works – including The Watchmen, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell, V For Vendetta – have been adapted for film without Moore’s blessing or input.  However, The Show is his first endeavour written specifically for the screen and made with his ongoing creative involvement.  Brought to life by award winning photographer-turned-director Jenkins, The Show is set within a nightmarish alternative version of the co-creator’s native Northampton.